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Meet Don Drumm

Don Drumm, a Master Designer, Sculptor, and Innovator is known as the "World Renowned Guru" of Cast Aluminum Metal Arts.  For over 60 years, his talents have enhanced private homes, public parts, office buildings, universities, libraries and city skylines throughout the country.  His commissions have taken his work to six world continents and been presented to Heads of State in Europe, Israel, China and Mexico.

His work is represented in fine galleries across the United States.  In addition to aluminum, Don also creates in pewter, steel, and cement having sculptures in various U.S. locations.  In the 1960's, Don taught and was Artist in Residence at Bowling Green State University.  One of his major works there is a 10-story high Drumm sculpture covering the entire front of the library building.  Don also taught, sharing his craft, at the famous Penland's School of Crafts in North Carolina.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) selected Drumm as the "first recipient of the Arts and Craftsman Excellence Award."

  • Don was a founding member of Ohio Designer Crafts and winner of its "Lifetime Achievement Award."
  • The American Craft Week presented the first national Online Gallery where each state could "select only one artist" to showcase their work.  Ohio selected Don Drumm.
  • Ohio Designer Crafts "Outstanding Contributors of the Century"
  • Outstanding Visual Arts Award from Akron Area Alliance.